I n  B a l a n c e Personal Money Management Services LLC 
Background & Experience

Megan Simonson, Owner

 Kim Wiemer,

Member of

Professional, Reliable and Confidential Assistance

Caring for an aging parent or vulnerable adult can be difficult. Hiring InBalance can put family members at ease, knowing that a compassionate and experienced professional is actively looking out for their loved one.

Megan Simonson is an insurance, banking and financial services professional with 25+ years of experience on the company and agency sides of the insurance industry. She has held postitions in commercial underwriting, agency sales and sales support, and owned her own agency.
Kim Wiemer earned her MBA from the University of St. Thomas. She has held executive level positions in the corporate world and has been an independent business owner since 2001.

InBalance keeps all financial matters private and confidential. We work with clients’ tax, legal and investment advisors, sharing information with these resources only at our clients’ request. InBalance complements, not replaces, the services of tax, legal and investment professionals.

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