I n  B a l a n c e Personal Money Management Services LLC 
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people decide to hire a company like InBalance?

People choose to hire InBalance when they are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of managing their own day-to-day finances or the finances of a loved one.

  • Family members may suddenly realize that a loved one is no longer capable of handling monthly bills.
  • A spouse that handled the bills passes away, leaving the survivor to cope with their loss and a new skill to learn.  Adult children may hire InBalance to help the widowed parent with  these new tasks on an on-going basis.
  • Papers and medical claims are piling up and taking the time to sort through and take action on them is too daunting. InBalance will organize, file and help  resolve matters like medical insurance claims that require phone calls and subsequent follow up.


What is the cost for hiring a Personal Daily Money Manager?

Costs vary by service and are based on hourly rates. InBalance will provide a free initial consultation and estimate of fees based on each client’s specific needs. Clients typically require 2-3 hours of services per month. The initial month may require more hours in order to organize documents and set up accounts.

Where does InBalance meet with its clients?

InBalance meets at the client’s own residence, an InBalance office or another private location based on client preference and convenience.

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